A. Benzadón: “Sculptures' Language.”

Abraham Benzadón is graduated from the University of Information Sciences, in Madrid, on the advertising: Publicity Line and Public relations. He studied in Industrial Design on the early pioneers of industrial design Schools in Europe, and various seminars for Culture and Business Management.

Freedom, light, movement, energy, space compensation, color, mystery of creation, transparencies, intimacy, balance, harmony, human values, excellence, spirituality, strength, reflection, clarity, coherence, progress, restlessness... these are words that define his Artworks.

He makes projects for several multinationals, even as a young artistically made, through the mosaic technique, the first cover of the American Multinational "Henry Schein" in Spain.

The sculptor is a pioneer of the collection of antique toys in Spain, having appeared in interviews in various mass media, considering the toy as a true "work of art".

The works of Abraham Benzadón, in their different styles and techniques, feature a very personal language which reflects a search for harmonic, clean, coherent spaces marked by balance and energy, which infuses the lightness of being with content in a metaphysical search.

In this actual economic and values' crisis, the works of A. Benzadón reflects the human values, that makes humanity progress making sense to concept of life, as indicates some works with the title "Trees of Life".

Mobile sculptures transmit joy and movement energies that modeling the space, endowing it of harmony, tranquility and balance; The movement's implication according to the human perception tell us about the pass of time and its importance as a value. The threads of some works tell us about the fragility of being, but at the same time, tell us about eternity and the strength of values deposited on people to create a symphony in movement.

The modular concept in some of his works, tell us about the security that simetry and geometry creation trasmits, as we can see into molecular levels. The transparencies and luminosity of some materials reflects concepts like privacy, search of light and clarity in the mystery that encloses the artworks and the own life.

The artist does not seek to classify himself only in a language, but prefers the restlessness of the constant creative process to discover new sensations and intellectual reflections. In this sense, the works of A. Benzadón venture into different contemporary paths: Optical-kinetic works, minimalist figuration, conceptual work, mobile sculptures, Pop Art works, expressionism... in that search and restlesness of creative value,
which makes you reflect on the beauty of the work of art.

Also, in some of his works within the harmony, we find a reflexion of the exhorbitant prices of some works of the nowadays contemporary art, making an admiration or parody at the same time of the marketing of the current art; For example, about the paradox or the "lie" of art, as we will see in the next few weeks in one of his works; entitled "58 million euros", to understand the absurdity in the exorbitant prices that some contemporary works reach today, such as the most expensive sculpture sold in the history of a living artist, at a price of 58 million euros.

But his works, above the anecdote, tell us about human values, deposited in people, their responsibility as a human being and the condition of life, its fragility and at the same time its power, in that constant struggle for balance and progress in the pursuit of excellence. His works transcend the mystery that contains the metaphysical or spiritual.

All works of art belong to the project "Values for Humanity", which aims to understand simple explanations, contemporary art to all audiences providing human values and progress. Also, part of the value of the works is dedicated to charitable giving.

His works speak of the lightness-fragility of being, such as mobile-wires that keep the spaces, but also the potential-force, that man has on the growth of human values. Some titles of his works, speak: "Project Life", "Opening Prayer", "Baby", "harmonies moving space" , collection “Tree of life”...

The search for the harmonies of space and light, together with color, are constant in his works of art, which tell us about the mystery and magic of creation.

The subtlest of the works, the movement, which seems to contain the concept of ”time” in his work, the search for spaces, are also characteristic in them and together with the intuition of the movement that is determined, it speaks also of the 4th dimension; They reflect his sculptures, transcending the physical part, to the metaphysical or spiritual.

A. benzadón works are exhibited in Statal museums, private collections and international expositions. From "Feriarte" in Ifema's pavilions in Spain, to expositions in England, Germany, Italy, France, Jerusalem, New York, etc. even "Kiaf", the most important contemporary Art Fair in Asia, that takes place in korea (it's like "Arco" in Spain). He collaborates too with great contemporary art museums like Georges Pampidou in Paris, Thyssen Bornemisza, Reina Sofia contemporary Art Museum in Madrid, etc.

“Art is not what we see… is what we feel”
Abraham Benzadón.