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The works of Abraham Benzadón, in their different styles and techniques, feature a very personal language which reflects a search for harmonic, clean, coherent spaces marked by balance and energy, which infuses thelightness of being with content in a metaphysical search transcending the mystical and spiritual.

During this time of crisis, not just economic but human, A. Benzadón’s works reflect values which allow man to progress, giving meaning to the concept of life, as indicated by some of his works, which bear the title “Trees of Life.”

Mobile sculptures convey the joy and energy of movement, modeling space, providing it with harmony, tranquility and balance; the spirals that rise or fall according to the movement of human perception speak to us of the passage of time and its importance as a value.

The threads of some of his works speak of the fragility of being, but at the same time of eternity and the power of values harbored by people, creating a symphony in motion. The subtleness, complicity and freedom of his works which model space also convey the importance of small details, which are the true gears driving human progress. The importance of movement is reflected in the creation of any particle, where we can observe, via microscope, the very smallest, as well as the very largest, in a constant movement of progress. Human perception, meanwhile, becomes an ally in creation; observing the works of art, which are unique in the position they hold, creates a complicity in movement.

* All the structures and elements of the mobile sculptures are made of metal, steel and aluminium, and are limited and signed editions.

The works of Abraham Benzadón are exposed in Private Galleries, Contemporary Art International Fairs and State Museums.

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